Update: Apple has decided to stop the production of Airport and Display in case Apple users were'nt disappointed enough

So just to sum up the new MacBook Pro:


- it doesn't connect to any devices easily, read below
-it costs $510 more than previous versions
-the Speakers explode
-The graphics go crazy after 2 weeks
-The battery life is nonsense.

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"Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations." Steve Jobs

Why the new MacBook Pro 2016 it’s not appealing to the most part of Mac Users.

It’s very expensive and not as customizable as it was the previous MacBook pro
With a 13” you can get a maximum of 1TB SSD,
if you need a 2TB SSD you are forced to pick
a 15”, heavier and bigger and more expensive but

it's thinner!…


To get it 2.5 mm thinner we lost the Sim Card Reader: it was a brilliant idea, why to take it away?!

What is missing too:
USB 3 ports direct connection to charge the latest iPhone , iPad
or plug directly any external device
Thunderbolt port compatibility
not even the Apple thunderbolt display can be connected , you will need an adapter

MagSafe: if someone trips over your power cord it will damage it.
Apple's USB-C connector is hard to pull out and requires actual attention while doing so.
It doesn't have any LED light to tell you if it's charging or not as the MagSafe does.

mac pc

But it still has the headset port, taken away in the iPhone 7 that just came out few weeks ago
and cannot plug directly in the new MacBook Pro.
Is this the way Apple CEOs are thinking and treating their customers?
If I bought the latest iPhone and MacBook Pro and I cannot even charge it or connect it to iTunes with the cable that comes with, I would be really mad at Apple.

Another odd feature is that you need to lift the lid to start the MBP.
Your kids and their friends will be thrilled .

The old ones had all this ports


The new one offers 2 USB-C ports where you can attach a lot of dongles and new cables
You need to buy a lot of those. If you are a MacBook Pro owner you will discover that
Nothing you own right now will work. And 4 ports come only in the most expensive MacBookPro

Phil Schiller says Apple cares about price, but has to design for experience rather than cost.
I don’t agree with that, as a lot of other Mac users.
BTW if you use the new LG 5k display shown off at the presentation or any other display
you will say goodbye to the magic touch bar because you will close the lid of your “Magic MacBook Pro”

They could have invented an external keyboard with theMagic touch Bar
I'm sure a lot more users would have liked and used it.

I’m a long time Mac user, and I remember when Apple was teasing PC users
for the simplicity of use comparing Mac to PC, like the ad about the MagSafe.
Steve Jobs is gone and with him all the good ideas, alas.

It took more than 4 years to destroy all the good things we had.

Apple first thought is THIN, make it thinner!
The only device everyone would have liked thinner is the Apple Watch 2
that is thicker than the Watch 1.


Phil Schiller, Craig Federighi , Jony Ive and Tim Cook:
You are living in a distant world, a lot of money and no contact with the real world.


A nice gift for the coming Holiday season....